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What is the the Chapter System Dashboard?

The Chapter System has several Dashboards throughout the menu. These dashboards are pages that show information in blocks and sections related to a specific topic of the site. No actions can be completed from these pages directly, but information and alerts are displayed often with links to the corresponding tools. T…

How do I switch between chapters or groups?

The **_Jump To_** drop-down allows you to switch between the various chapters to which you have access due to your individual roles. Your permissions for each chapter may change if you serve different roles with different chapters. For example, you may have access to one chapter because you serve as their Chapter Adv…

What is the Chapter System?

The Chapter System is Sigma Chi’s online chapter management tool, giving chapter officers, advisors and staff the tools and resources they need to be successful. Chapter operations, member management, new member forms, finances, reporting and order forms are just a few of its offerings. The earliest version of the Ch…

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